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22 Ways Dogs Make Humans Get Healthy

There’s a million ways our dogs can help us get healthy again. From boosting our dating life to lowering our blood pressure, blood sugar or helping us maintain our cholesterol.

Here’s some amazing facts that we decided to share with you in this infograph below.

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Positive Reinforcement Dog Training

Positive Reinforcement Dog Training

 Positive Reinforcement Dog and Puppy Training   Are you ready to start training your new dog or puppy? Proper training and socialization are among your dog's basic needs. It's essential to start preparing your dog as...

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12 Best Christmas Gifts for Dogs

12 Best Christmas Gifts for Dogs

12 Best Christmas Gifts for Dogs Have you started your Christmas shopping? If you're like most moms, you already started in September, getting ready for this festive time of year. Don't forget, Max and Bella! Fill these...

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The 10 Best Orthopedic Dog Beds

The 10 Best Orthopedic Dog Beds

The 10 Best Orthopedic Dog Beds If your dog is not comfortable and gets up slow, stiff, and sore, then it might be the signs that they need a good orthopedic dog bed to help give them better comfort and support if they are...

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The Best All-Natural Dog Treats

The Best All-Natural Dog Treats

The Best All-Natural Dog Treats   If you are a dog parent, you know how important it is to give your dog natural dog treats. Natural dog treats will help your dog to be more energetic and well-fed. These natural dog...

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Dog Owner Reviews

Vicki K. For some animals, CBD oil works great, but not for others. That was the experience I had. With arthritis problems, it assisted Shadow a lot but did nothing to soothe her anxieties when she got stronger until I increased to dosage.

I think it’s because not all CBD Oils are not created equal, and different oils are added to them as fillers to it, like coconut oil, olive oil or even avocado oil instead of plain hemp oil.

Jordan I. I’ve got a 1-year pitbull called Dakota that  I rescued recently. She demolished my sprinklers, carpet, and blinds to mention a few things.

She’s listening to me now and stopping to destroy stuff around my house. The most important thing is that I care about her hurting others, and particularly in public, I can bring her out 🙂

Tim G. Cooper wouldn’t be in pain after I gave him the treatment of Hemp Oil for Dogs; he has been diagnosed with arthritis in his hip. When I was investigating whether or not to attempt it, I read an article and I decided to go with Hemp Oil instead of the more expensive CBD Oil.  As far as I can tell the Hemp Oil works just as well as the CBD Oil and I think that the CBD Oil is basically a big marketing scheme. The one good thing that has come from it though is that they see the vast potentials of the commercial production of the hemp plant and its products.

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